Bugaboo Bee5

from 739.00

Building upon the Bee3, the updated Bee5 now introduces luxurious options such as leather handles, a more cushioned seat liner, customizable wheel caps, and a myriad of new fabric patterns and colors. Refinement yet also an entirely new stroller with the improvements.

Lightweight aluminum frame folds into a compact singular piece, no need to detach the seat. It may be small but the seat is able to support a newborn through a toddler. A generous basket and large brake paddle round up the bottom suspended on four tuned wheels. 

For urban dwellers, this is definitely a great option. Available in a myriad of colors and combinations for every style. 

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PI bgb bee5_chassis ZW_seat ZW_sun canopy BF_grips ZW_wheel caps RR.jpg
PI bgb bee5_chassis ZW_seat BF_sun canopy RR_grips ZW_wheel caps RR.jpg
PI bgb bee5_chassis ZW_seat BM_sun canopy FB_grips ZW_wheel caps RR.jpg
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