Raising the future, together

A community comprises of all the people this potential leader of tomorrow encounters throughout life. People who are closely related or passing by, the network of faces and voices extend far and wide. Everyone plays a role in the active development of a spongy mind curious beyond belief to reasoned adults.

This social fabric defines the child as part of them and them part of him or her. Care and compassion, the elderly ensuring the right values are inherited and the young always challenging the status quo as each generation experiences the same obstacles that we all go through.

Our store is just a store. Plenty of them exist with many enterprising small business owners trying to live the dream of working for themselves. Our online store is also just another portal for products, sometimes cheaper than others but often just playing the same game and same contest to capture customers. Nothing more to the narrative than a retail establishment looking to make some money.

But that's not the story we prefer. We want to be someone you would talk to on the porch, perhaps even invite inside if one of us were to drop by. No sales pitches, no pressure, just a conversation with another person. Forget sales or marketing or any sly trickery. We are selling nothing unless asked to, refer to products that fulfill a need or want, hopefully taken as the same kind of trusted referral a friend would give.


14-day return policy on products. Excluded are items that have been used or need to be sterile, for safety concerns. Don't be afraid to ask us first though, we know how crazy life can be and will make exceptions.

We price-match authorized retailers. Restrictions may apply but we will work with you so that you feel confident buying from us.

Local pickup is available. You can also send us an order or call to reserve products. We'll have everything ready if the requested items are in stock.

We reserve the right to cancel online orders and also request more information for order verification. Shipping addresses must match billing address but exceptions can be made, please contact us in such instances.


As our world expands globally, the local seems vast. Vendors from all over the world seemingly drop by and leave their calling card. Visitors who establish no ground in the community yet claiming to be part of it. Corporations putting on a friendly facade beyond a cold efficient business model. The small shops you remember as a kid owned by a neighbor are now replaced by chain stores with employees driving far to be near.

Being local matters. It means you have someone to confront when problems arise, someone to talk to when questions appear, and someone who will acknowledge you as a living breathing human being. We have roots in the community as ordinary residents too, sharing the same concerns as any other neighbor. 

Our physical storefront serves the local. How far locality may extent is not up to us to decide because we have no reason to exclude anyone. Boundaries are artificial and enforcing a strict one will simply alienate individuals, the opposite of our intent. If you are near or far, drop by the shop for a peek inside.


What we choose to carry reflects ourselves. The products selected are respected brands from all over the world. They may not all be local geographically but the new connected world makes everyone neighbors by association. We all share the same desire: provide access to products for children that are safe, sustainable throughout the object's life cycle, and upheld to the strictest personal quality standards.